DTB - The Facility




The DTB Facility Christchurch

Duncan Taylor Builders

25 Byron Street
Sydenham, Christchurch


Having a well equipped and centrally located facility enables a smooth operational capacity for the DTB operation.

The building houses the office and workshops, storage and plant.

Within the workshop the fine detail to timber trims is machined, producing the high standard of finish essential to a DTB project.

The facility enables better control of materials handling, with efficient purchasing, storage and distribution central to the successful execution of each home construction.

DTB is able to produce custom mouldings within the facility as well as the supply of hard-to-get materials due to advance ordering and storage capabilities.

The base represents a significant investment which serves as an indicator of the long term commitment and vision of Duncan Taylor Builders.

Multiple projects can be better handled efficiently with the use of the large workshop enabling large scale residential projects and commercial alterations to be completed within tight timeframes.

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