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Duncan Taylor Builders has created some of Canterburys finest homes in the past 25 years. Priding itself on its quality and exacting standards, the Christchurch building company tackles everything from $1 million homes to extensive renovations and light commercial projects. Managing director Duncan Taylor says one of the companys strengths is this ability to undertake almost any project. We dont shy away because of a difficult location, aspect or design. We are happy to work through challenges, while still making sure of the quality of finish and completing the job on time.

Over the years, the company has worked alongside and built relationships with several of the regions leading architects, Taylor says. We work with the architect in a consultative and collaborative process that is focused on making your new home a place that reflects your individuality and aspirations.

A Registered Master Builder since 1987, Taylor has been building homes since 1974, when he began to work as a building-industry cadet at Fletcher Construction. My 10 years there gave me invaluable experience in everything from building-site management to carpentry and accounts. His tireless work ethic and attention to detail came from his father, who ran a furniture manufacturing business, where young Duncan could be found most days, and these are the attributes he demands of all his staff. I tell it like it is, and I do it like it should be. We always do things the best way, taking into account speed and quality.

The 20-strong team, led by longstanding foremen Craig Fraser, Zane Gray and Jimmy Robinson, has
more than 140 years of building experience, with the company taking on a new apprentice each year. We have a team dynamic that fosters individual responsibility and a consultative process that allows for the best possible outcomes to rise to the top during the development and construction process, he says.They also feel as if it is their company, and I know they take great pride in the houses they have built.

For the past decade, the company has also had the skills of Annabel Fitzsimons to call on. A qualified and experienced quantity surveyor, she is available to clients, architects and foremen for on-the-spot consultation
and problem-solving. Her professional input in the office is invaluable, Taylor says. Another vital asset is the companys well-equipped, centrally located office and workshop. It enables the better control of materials handling, with efficient purchasing, storage and distribution central to the successful execution ofeach home construction, he says. We also have joinery equipment that can assist us greatly with the renovating of character homes. We can exactly replicate mouldings, even if they are imperial sizes.

Homeowner Ross Gordon says he had seen the companys work around town, and was impressed enough to hire Duncan Taylor to work on his four-bedroomed home. It was easy to build with them. They really took the stress out of the whole thing. Nothing was a problem. They were all very professional, gave us all the options and talked us through everything.

The firm was recommended to David Scott by Dalman Architecture. Dalman put our extensive renovations out to tender, and Duncan Taylor was highlyrecommended. It was a major project. We had a 500sqm house built in the 1970s, and we were gutting a quarter of it back to the floor slab. We encountered a few challenges, such as when all the structural steel in New Zealand was in limited supply for four months because of the filming of King Kong, but Duncan Taylor helped us through and solved a number of problems.

Ron Smith was impressed with the companys professionalism. We were building a 700sqm hill property, which involved a lot of architectural work. The foremanmade sure we got whatever we wanted, and didnt accept anything that wasnt up to standard. So when we had another small job, we didnt even ask for a quote, because we had the confidence that the job would be done in a professional manner.

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Attention to Detail

Attention to detail: Duncan Taylor Builders creates homes that reflect the owners individuality.

First Class Homes
First-class homes: Duncan Taylor Builders prides itself on its high quality and exacting standards

All Challenges Accepted

All challenges accepted: Duncan Taylor Builders tackles jobs from $1 million homes to extensive renovations and light commercial projects.

Stunning Combinations

Stunning combination: Duncan Taylor Builders aims to make every homea place that reflects the owners individuality and appreciation for excellent architecture.

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